Re: A Morning in Taipei

2019/11/21 (Thu.) 19:30
2019/11/23 (Sat.) 16:00
2019/11/24 (Sun.) 16:00
2019/11/30 (Sat.) 14:00
(Duration: 45 minutes)
C-LAB Sound Lab

Combining collected soundscapes, musical score, Foley and Ambisonics immersive sound technology, this production reinterprets the 1964 silent documentary A Morning in Taipei directed by PAI Chingjui whose sound effect and voice-over were left incomplete. This commissioned work is a collaboration of the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) and the Taiwan Film Institute, with the Taiwan Sound Lab in charge of production. Composers LIM Giong and CHEN Chiahui were invited to produce two different versions of the imagined soundtrack for this historical film. Original source materials were used as a base to integrate with recordings carried out in various parts of Taipei (Taipei Bridge, Wanhua central fish market, Longshan Temple and Yuanshan, etc.) using Ambisonics technology. By overlapping, changing and blending soundscapes, music and sound, the audience is led to revisit 1960s Taipei at daybreak caught on film by Pai, also a world flickered with modern spirit and traditional culture.

Producer: LIN Jinyao
Composers: LIM Giong, CHEN Chiahui
Post Production Sound Director: CHEN Chiahui
Sound Engineering Team: Taiwan Sound Lab: MENG Chiehwen, HUANG Yujie, HUANG Yuchi
Recording Director: Micky YANG
Sound Design/SFX Editor: Hanson TSAI
Executive Producer: LIAO Chihhan

Presenter  : Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab
Director: LAI Hsiangling
Project Director: YU Wei
Project Coordinators: LIU Yuching, WANG Kaiwei
Project Executive: SUNG Weihsuan

Co-organizer: Taiwan Film Institute

Free admission. Prior registration is suggested and will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis.