Experiential Activities Open to the Public

2019/11/03 (Sun.) – 2019/11/29 (Fri.)

The Japanese term Karaoke translates to an empty orchestra. It is a form of entertainment in which people sing along to a song, without the accompaniment of a musician. Lyrics are shown on a screen as well as symbols to guide the singer through the melody. Karaoke is the source of wonderful memories for many people. Currently, the Taiwan Sound Lab has a 49.4 channel surround sound system to expand the limits of this musician-less form of musical entertainment.

In the 1980s, karaoke was introduced to Taiwan from Japan and became immediately fashionable. Since then, it has remained a highly accessible form of entertainment that most conforms to Taiwan’s pop music trends and changes in pop culture. Today, karaoke is an important part of life in Taiwan and is a soundscape that belongs to all.

To celebrate the completion of C-LAB’s Taiwan Sound Lab, residents of neighboring communities and the public are invited to come and participate in a series of joyful activities taking place this November. These include Friday night karaoke, Sunday workshops on creating your own music video (MV) and karaoke competition.  Here, the cultural elements and characteristics of popular music of different ethnic groups and different eras in Taiwan will converge, people’s creativity will explode, sound art imbued with contemporarity and commonality will hence emerge.

Experiential Activities Open to the Public

【Friday Night Karaoke】

Dates: 11/1, 11/8, 11/15 (Fri.) 18:00-21:00  
Venue: C-LAB CREATORS’ Space 102 Coworking Space
(Free admission)

C-LAB invites nearby residents and anyone who loves karaoke to come and sing. Imagine the surprises awaiting when singing in a sound lab on a site dedicated to cultural experimentations. We encourage people to join in a night of fun. Together we shall sing and make the soundscape of the common people be heard.

【Make My Own MV Workshop】

Dates: 11/3, 11/10, 11/17 (Sun.) 13:00-17:00       
Venue: C-LAB I-CENTER 2F Workshop
(Registration required )

The Taiwan Sound Lab has invited lecturer CHEN Guanyu to hold music video (MV) making workshops. Using easy to understand language, Chen guides participants in learning basic filmmaking and editing techniques. Participants are encouraged to explore the former Air Force Command headquarters for suitable backdrops to their videos. With simple camera movement module and smart device film editing apps they can create MVs with a touch of popular aesthetics.

【The C-Lab Voice Karaoke Competition】

Dates: 11/29 (Fri.) 19:00
Venue: C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab
(Registration required: 02-8773-5087 #802)

To mark the completion of the Taiwan Sound Lab’s immersive theater space, the public is invited to enjoy a new singing experience in a 54-channel surround sound professional sound theater space and show off their singing talent. On this day, the Taiwan Sound Lab is transformed into an exclusive karaoke booth and an accessible sound experimental venue for the public.