2019/11/22 (Fri.) – 2019/11/30 (Sat.)
C-LAB Art Space I

Imagine one day in the future, you come home tired from a day at work. With your fingers you draw creatures that you like and through artificial intelligence (AI) bring them to life and interact with them.

The concept of AQUA AR is for users to draw aquarium animals, such as fish, crabs and octopi on a tablet computer and use AI to determine the content of the images and animate them. Using augmented reality (AR), these creatures swim freely through a space, instantly turning an everyday living area into a giant aquarium.

Based on collaborative creation, in AQUA AR, multiple individuals can be simultaneously connected and the creatures they draw can swim in the same space. This enables participants to jointly create an aquarium-like atmosphere. What this work is trying to convey is that through our imagination, future technology does not just coldly meet our basic needs but also provide us with warmth and emotional support.