Sound of the Wind

2019/11/22 (Fri.) – 2019/11/30 (Sat.)
C-LAB Art Space I

In 2006, artist WANG Chung-Kun began creating mechanical sound instruments. While these works can, in some respects, be considered musical, they have been purposely designed to release abstract “sounds” which are transformed into tangible music. For the artist, to use sound as a conveyance of concepts requires deep understanding of its significance and meaning. Moreover, the emotion expressed through music is perceived through a fusion with a realistic setting. In this work, the flowing of sound and music allows the audience to make use of reasoning and logic to understand the sounds, and to sense and experience the music, creating a type of experiential perception.

The artist also explores the random and sporadic characteristics of sound machinery. He attempts to make use of “wind”, with its unpredictable flow, as the random variable of sound. Sound of the Wind is inspired by the air flow caused by people while passing through a space to produce slight variations of sound and timing. In contrast with digital programs for manipulation that the artist often applied in the past, he is allowing a more natural mechanism to generate random encounters in this work. By returning his focus to the machinery itself the work intends to respond to the absolute state of corresponding digital relationships.